Silk's Restaurant Wentworth FallsFAQ’s

Can we bring our children to Silk's?

Absolutely! We believe it's never too early to introduce children to good food and service. They're very welcome. However, parents please note that minimum charges and minimum orders apply to all diners - except babies - for evenings and Sunday lunch.

We don’t have a children’s menu but we're happy to negotiate with them to find something they'll relish, tailored to their taste, using available ingredients. A high-chair is available (please mention when booking if you need to reserve it), we also provide coloured pencils to occupy any budding Picasso with the butcher's paper on the table-top.

Can I order a gift voucher?

A Silk’s voucher might be the ideal solution for that hard-to-find gift or special thank you.

  • you decide how much you wish to spend (minimum $100)
  • we tailor the voucher to your wishes and include your own special message
  • we use quality hand-made paper, perfect for giving (can’t be emailed)
  • valid for 36 months from issue date
  • each voucher is a single use document and we cannot give change on it

The fastest way to organise a voucher is to phone us, but you are also welcome to start the process by using our online order form.

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